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CERAGEM is a New Life Health Centre having presence in more than 72 countries and have 320 branches in all over India.


Introducing the CERAGEM Portable Thermal Massager

CERAGEM Compact is a portable thermal massager that combines Ceragem Pressure™ with Far Infrared heated that is emitted through jade (moxibustion effect).

CERAGEM Compact is specially designed to relieve the negative effects of everyday stress on your body, and restore your overall sense of well-being by applying thermal and heat therapy which provides the following :

- Relaxes and rejuvenates muscles around the applied area
- Provides therapeutic stimulation of vital pressure point around the spine
- Improves blood and Qi circulation (QI is the Chinese word for vitality, life-force, and power)
- Alleviates tension that is caused by stress

CERAGEM Compact will delight you and your loved ones with unmatched massaging pleasure and health benefits that are beyond comparison.


Eastern Medicine Techniques

CERAGEM combines technology with many traditional principles of Eastern Medicine such as Moxibustion and Ceragem Pressure to massage and soothe the body's "distress signals," such as muscle tension and pain associated with stress.

Ceragem Pressure relaxes the muscles while moxibustion directs heat to the applied part of the body, stimulating overall circulation and relieving muscle tension.

Convenience and Mobility

CERAGEM Compact is designed for convenient handling and use. There is a built in compartment to store the projectors for safe-keeping. The mobility of CERAGEM Compact ensures a healthy lifestyle anytime and anywhere.

Radiant Infrared Heat

Far Infrared Heat has been researched and its benefits have been noted to increase blood circulation throughout your body, which in turn, improves your overall health. You can receive an optimal level of Far Infrared Heat by using our 3-sphere and 9-sphere Projectors. Our Projectors allow convenient applicability to all parts of our body.

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